The short version of what makes us different:  
1) Superior Customer Service
2) Superior Made In The USA Equipment
3) IT IS MORE THAN JUST A JOB, what we do makes a difference in the lives of others.


At Grizzard Living Aids we take our commitment to service very seriously.  We are “live” when you give us a call.  In the rare instance of voice mail we make every effort to return your call within 5 minutes.  If you need us after hours to service or repair equipment we have installed, we are on call.

We take a personal interest in every one of our customers.  We understand that our products and services are extremely important to an improved quality of life and we make sure that our products are properly installed and adjusted.  We only sell the best quality equipment because we want it to always work properly.

If a customer gets into a situation where there is an emergency, Grizzard’s cell phones ring. We are locally owned. Oh and by the way, we are just plain nice people. You’ll find working with us easy and pleasant.


Both Terry Grizzard and Brenton Young are factory certified on all products. This means that they have both spent weeks in the actual factories learning the intricacies of the equipment from the designers and manufacturers who make it.

We take enormous pride in the fact that the lines we sell are made in the USA.


We both live by the philosophy that making money is not the most important thing we do. Being able to let someone stay in their home, get out of their home and go places, ensuring that other people’s quality of life is improved is something that adds true meaning to both of our lives. What we do is more than a job, because every day we make an immediate and meaningful impact on the lives of our customers and their family members. Our relationships with our customers is something truly fulfilling to both of us.